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About me

Sandeep Mittal

My Journey So Far

I started my career as a trainee in a digital marketing firm, where I would like to thank the startup culture which gave me the opportunity to learn so much in a short span of time. That was the time when I actually gave a kickstart to my professional journey and never looked back. Later I started with freelancing by connecting with people over bidding platforms, social media profiles and references. Each passing day, I learned something new and improved my skills. Now in total I carry approx 5+ years of relevant experience with a proven record of working on 100+ projects. After 10 years I want to see DefiningAI listed among “Fortune 500 Brands”, which seems tough but not impossible. And trust me I am working day and night to make it to such heights. That was all about my journey till now, aiming for much more success and fame. Thankyou.

Success Story

You must have heard or seen news about teenagers doing miracles in the tech domain. Well I stand nowhere in that queue, but to be honest I am giving my best everyday to learn and provide something new. Belonging to a rural area, it didn’t impact that much on my skills, but it inspired me each day to pull out the best to outshine just like a ‘Diamond’ in a Coal-mine. I started my professional journey by working as a trainee for a Digital marketing firm, which I left long back and started with freelancing. I got great success in freelancing, where I handled end to end project delivery, starting from requirement analysis, design & architecture , and final delivery and deployment. Even today, I start my day with a thought to learn something new and add some more skills. I believe every new project gives me an opportunity to learn something new, as for every new work I have to do something different as per client’s need. My motto in life is “Semper Sursum – Always Aim High” . In-short I’m a tech-savvy person, always aiming for new height and achievement. Throughout my professional journey, my curiosity has played a major role in my life.

What We Write About

In today’s time, technology is the greatest need of human being and for this, many such new technologies have been developed which make human needs and their work more simple and safe. We will do what is very important for you to know, in our blog, all those techniques will be explained in great detail. Talking about these technologies, Artificial Intelligence comes out on top, it will be used the most in future. Artificial intelligence is further subdivided into smaller technologies that are inherent in this way.

  • Bigdata
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Edge Computing
  • Internet of Things

All the above technologies are very important for our life

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